School Nurse

Let me introduce myself, I am Kim Boyd Hummel, RN, school nurse.  I have been taking care of Wendler students’ health since 2011.  Before that I wore a few different nurse caps: pediatric office nurse, pediatric hospital and NICU nurse, and research nurse, to name a few--all in all over 21 years of taking care of kids and families.

Do you ever wonder what the school nurse at Wendler Middle School does?  Here are a few of the things that keep me busy:

I intervene with actual and potential health problems

-                provide direct care for illness and injury, including emergencies

-                manage and administer medications, including emergency medications

-                make sure students are fully immunized

-                screen students for height, weight, vision, hearing, and TB if needed

-                prevent and manage communicable diseases

I address individual student needs

-                care for students with chronic conditions and medically complex students

-                implement health-related student goals and services

-                develop emergency plans and individualized health care plans for students with chronic conditions and complex medical situations

I promote health and safety

-                Collaborate with administrators, teachers, staff and parents to ensure a healthy school environment

-                Educate students about health related topics and healthy lifestyles

-                Communicate with parents and serve as a liaison between school, family, health care professionals, and the community

I am one part of a great team, working hard to keep students physically and mentally healthy, in the classroom, ready to learn and grow. 

If you have any health-related concerns or questions, feel free to contact me. 


Kim Boyd Hummel RN BSN

Wendler School Nurse

Phone       907 742-7322

Fax            907 742-7450